2252 BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to the best budget vacuum cleaner, the Bissell Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252, has almost no competitors in the market. They are excellent at picking up pet hair, and getting started with maintenance is simple. Other ups and downs you could encounter with this vacuum cleaner are detailed below.

Bissel Swivel Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 22552 Advantages

It is difficult to purchase something if you do not understand all of the product’s key qualities. The following are some of the straightforward and advantageous characteristics of the Bissell bagless vacuum cleaner.

Brush tool for TurboEraser

Most vacuum cleaners on the market struggle to operate with small particles such as pet hair. Bissell has created a one-of-a-kind TurboEraser technology that can easily capture even the smallest pet hair and ensure absolute freshness in your home.

Simply put washable filters.

All the dirt that gets into your washing machine is filtered by various filters. Small dirt adheres to them quickly. If you do not wash out your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, it will lose its general functionality. But don’t worry; it includes a washable filter and is easy to maintain, even for the elderly.

Advanced swivel steering technology

When your vacuum cleaner moves around furniture, it is more difficult to manoeuvre it from side to side for cleaning. To get the most out of your cleaning, you must change positions. To alleviate this issue, the Bissell swivel vacuum cleaner features swivel technology, which allows you to unlock motion in all directions. Glide through the obstacles with only your fingers.

System of cyclonic dirt suction

When the dirt storage becomes nearly full, things start to get out of hand. Dirt can seep inside the motor and interfere with its overall performance. However, Bissell features a unique suction mechanism that can keep dirt out of the engine and allow you to use the vacuum for a longer amount of time.

Cleaning on Multiple Surfaces

Dirt gets into more than just your carpet or your stairs. It goes into every surface, yet most vacuums are incapable of working on a soft bed. The BISSELL swivel vacuum cleaner is gentle on soft floors such as carpets, matting, and other cushioned areas of the home. They are also quite comfortable to work on because of the hard floors.

Technology that eliminates scatter

A vacuum cleaner operates by drawing dirt into the air inside it. However, as the air hits the first point, a scattering of dirt appears. When these kinds of issues arise, cleaning the floor will take longer. Bissell has developed scatter-free technology that can provide some relief from the chaos.

Simple dirt tank upkeep

The dirt tank is where the vacuum cleaners are stored. They take the brunt of the fast dirt push. The larger the tank, the more difficult the upkeep becomes for you. The automated dirt tank cleaning feature of the Bissell vacuum provides relief from the arduous job.

Vacuum Cleaner by Hand

You must be aware of the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning technique, safety instructions, and so on, and nothing is more manual than a manual. The notepad that comes with the Bissell swivel vacuum cleaner is brief and written in straightforward English. Furthermore, you will learn about diagnosing various difficulties, maintaining a clean filter, and what you should and should not do from the handbook. To access the online version of the manual, click here.


If you don’t have time to go through all of the specifics, this part is for you. Learn about the vacuum cleaner rating at various moments.

Carpet Cleaning: 8/10: Adjust the vacuum bar’s depth and enjoy quite smooth carpet cleaning.

Versatility = 9/10: You can work with your rough terrain, stairwells, and even hard-to-reach areas.

Maintenance: 7/10: It’s simple to install and clean, although the dirt basket is a little small.

Pet Hair Pickup = 8/10: The roller bar spins and suckers in all the pet hair from your floors and mats quite well.

Filters and motors = 7/10: It features a strong motor and two important filters in the top part.

6/10 for build quality—the body is constructed of plastic. It doesn’t feel very pleasant in your hand.


Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252:


BISSELL thickness modification: The carpets in your home may not all be the same depth. When you clean a carpet with the same depth of cleaning as the others, your vacuum cleaner may become stuck to the carpet. The Bissell Pet Vacuum Cleaner 2252 offers a thickness adjustment feature to help you avoid these issues. You can also work on the medium scale for your thickest rug at home.

Easy this vacuum cleaner is made up of three parts: storage, a handle, and a vacuum brush. You will only need a screwdriver to put them together. With a single press, the vacuum dirt storage can be removed and cleaned up in the dustbin. If pet hair gets stuck in the dirt jar, you may need to use a brush from time to time. Overall, the bagless vacuum cleaner requires little maintenance.

Affordability: BISSELL has created a stir because it is priced under $100. The spin vacuum will do a good job of gathering pet hair from your mats and will give your home a cleaner appearance. The Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Green 2252 is an excellent choice for frequent, quick cleaning.

Various accessories: A lengthy hose is attached to the upper part of the vacuum cleaner. You can use different brush tools to reach difficult areas. The spin vacuum attachment will be useful for cleaning the stairs, as will the long double attachment for cleaning the corners. Other accessories, such as a triangular corner cleaner, may be useful to some of you as well.


  • Bissell’s three brush tool adjustments must use scatter-free technology.
  • This low-cost pet vacuum cleaner can reach every area of your home.
  • The swivel vacuum cleaner in one requires little effort to construct.
  • The swivel steering of the vacuum cleaner allows you to operate in difficult-to-reach areas.
  • A bagless vacuum facility simplifies dirt box management for you.


  • The handle and other elements of the vacuum are made of plastic, giving it a shabby appearance;
  • There is no HEPA protection, so individuals with allergies at home will find it difficult to work on.


What the Reviews Say and the Average Ratings

The majority of frequent consumers are quite pleased with the quality that is given at an inexpensive price. They also appreciate the fact that they can clean every part of the vacuum cleaner except the motor. Although a little loud, it nevertheless provides the finest hound-pet hair cleaning. Most users stated that pet hairs tend to get inside the brush bar and are difficult to clean.

BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252 Installation and Operation

The Bissell CleanView 2252 is a fantastic vacuum cleaner to have on hand. Installation and operation are also rather simple. The simplest method for installing and using the Bissell 2252 is detailed below.

Step 1: Unboxing the Components

You will be assigned to a separate portion of the department with a distinct set of responsibilities. You must put things together in order for them to work. Remove them from your buying bundle.

Step 2: Gather the necessary equipment.

You don’t require much trouble or tools to adjust your Bissell vacuum cleaner. You’ll only need a little screwdriver to get started with the installation.

Step 3: Put them together correctly.

You must place the parts in their proper locations. The vacuum will sit in the vacuum cleaner’s front. The handle will be on top, and the cleaner will be at the bottom. Screw them together, and you’re done.

Step 4: Experiment with various modes of operation.

The primary cleaner works well with your difficult terrain. You can use the many accessories that come with the kit to reach hard-to-reach corners. When you need to reach under the furniture, choose the swivel option.


How can I clean the filter on my 2252 BISSELL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Bissell bagless vacuum cleaners use two separate filters for their work: carbon and foam. When working on your vacuum cleaner becomes difficult, you should inspect the filter’s condition. The steps for cleaning these filters are listed below.

Step 1: Turn off the power.

Working with filters while the electricity is on is dangerous. Before you stick your hand into the vacuum cleaner filters, you must turn off all electricity sources.

Step 2: Disassemble the vacuum dirt tank.

Press the vacuum dirt tank’s release button to empty the dirt into the dustbin. Both vacuum filters that need to be cleaned are located inside the tank.

Step 3: Collect the filters.

When you open the upper cover of the vacuum tank, you’ll discover a carbon and foam filter within. With a simple pull, you may easily get it out by hand.

Step 4: Using hot water filters, they should be washed and dried.

To remove all of the dirt from the vacuum cleaner filters, use hot water. Take some detergent and rub it into your hands, then wash them until they are clean and ready to be dried.

Step 5: Re-adjust the filters

Following the drying period, the foam filter will be placed into the vacuum tank top, followed by the carbon filter. Close the lid and return the dirt tank to the vacuum cleaner.


What is the best way to clean a Bissell CleanView swivel-pet vacuum cleaner?

The Bissell CleanView swivel pet vacuum cleaner works with particles as small as a grain of sand. Because debris easily attaches to them, constant maintenance is needed. The steps for cleaning your vacuum cleaner are outlined below.

Step 1: Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down.

Because the vacuum cleaner brush is attached to the bottom, you must first remove it before cleaning. Place the vacuum on the floor so that you can reach the vacuum’s bottom.

Step 2: Remove the screwdriver.

The vacuum brush is held in place inside the suction by six nuts. To get them out of the machine, you must unscrew all of them with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Disinfect the vacuum belt and brush.

A smaller brush should be used to remove all debris stuck to the suction belt and brush. Check the condition of the vacuum brush and the belt by spinning them.

Step 4: Screw back and Attachment

After cleaning, return the belt and brush to their proper positions in the vacuum cleaner. You are now finished with your cleaning procedure.


Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Popular items always arouse a great deal of interest, and the Bissell CleanView swivel pet vacuum cleaner is no exception. Some of the most frequently asked questions are addressed below.

Is there a reset button on my Bissell vacuum?

Answer: The reset button is usually used to ensure that the brush bar is properly adjusted. The reset button is located in the lower-right corner of the Bissell vacuum cleaner. It is designed in such a way that you can simply access it with your feet. If desired, you can also use your hands.

Why isn’t the brush on my Bissell vacuum spinning?

Answer: Excess debris inside the brush bar causes the Bissell vacuum brush roller to stop spinning. The motor was stalled by the impediment, and the Bissell vacuum brush stopped spinning. You must remove the brush roll and clean it of all dirt and pet hair. After that, restart the vacuum, and you’re all set. If, on the other hand, the motor is still broken, you should replace it.

Why is my Bissell not picking up water?

When the water tank is filled, the suction of the water pickup is shut off. To avoid difficulties like this, you should empty the tank on a regular basis. This difficulty might sometimes be caused by the installation. Pick up the water tank and properly reset it to reactivate the water pickup suction.

How can I repair the suction on my Bissell vacuum cleaner?

Answer: Your suction problem could be caused by three factors: filters, hoses, and the engine of your Bissell vacuum cleaner. You must remove and clean all of the filters. Make sure they’re completely dry before putting them back in. The next stoppage is to seek for the two extensions and large dirt fragments that may have become attached to the vacuum and caused the problem. Even after all of that, if you are still experiencing suction issues, you may require a Bissell vacuum motor replacement.

How do I replace the belt on my Bissell Cleanview vacuum cleaner?

Answer: The belt on your Bissell Cleanview vacuum connects the motor to the brush bar. They play an important role in the vacuum cleaner spinning process. You must unscrew the vacuum roller and remove it from the vacuum cleaner. This will loosen the vacuum cleaner and make pulling out the belt easier. You can now quickly clean or replace the belt on your Bissell vacuum cleaner.

Is it possible to use the vacuum without the belt?

Answer: A belt is similar to a vacuum cleaner’s wheel. A vacuum cleaner, like a car, cannot function without its wheel. When it comes to pulling pet hair from carpets, the roller of the vacuum bar is crucial. When you remove the belt from the vacuum, the suction will no longer function as it once did. As a result, using a vacuum without a belt is impossible.

Why is my Bissell vacuum belt constantly breaking?

The pressure that a Bissell vacuum belt can withstand is limited. When more dirt gets into the vacuum cleaner than normal, the spinning belt is put under extra strain. It frequently fractures when subjected to great effort. To eliminate belt-breaking concerns, keep the vacuum cleaner clean and clear of debris.


How can I tell if my vacuum belt is damaged?

When your suction belt is not performing properly, certain changes occur in your vacuum cleaner. When objects aren’t in the appropriate place, the vacuum cleaner’s noise level rises. In that situation, the vacuum cleaner’s steady spinning is also a little inconsistent. It may also leave some debris on the floor, indicating that the vacuum belt needs to be replaced. A broken belt should not be repaired; rather, it should be replaced.

Can Bissell filters be washed?

Answer: Bissell filters are the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner that help a lot with cleaning. You will be unable to use your vacuum cleaner until you have them. Yes, you can and should wash the Bissell filters on a regular basis. Make sure they are completely dry before reinstalling them.

Why do vacuum cleaners quit working?

Answer: Vacuum cleaners are machines that operate by following a strain. Even a minor fault in the work pattern can cause your vacuum to malfunction. If your machine is completely unresponsive, the motor could be to blame. A problem like this can be readily solved with proper installation and rechecking of the method.

Why is my vacuum always turning off?

Answer: A powerful motor draws all of the debris inside the vacuum cleaner through the tubes. Large material can occasionally cause an obstruction in the tubing path. Because smooth airflow impedes the process, the motor is constantly cooled. Clean the machine and remove any air blockages on the tube, and you won’t have to deal with the constant shutting off issue again.
Considerations before purchasing the Bissell Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252
Every vacuum cleaner has its own set of features that make it distinct. Putting them all in the same basket is a bad idea. In this section, I’ll go through the items you should think about before purchasing the Bissell 2252 vacuum cleaner idea. In this section, I’ll go through the items you should think about before purchasing the Bissell 2252 vacuum cleaner. Apply pressure to your cursor and lower it.

Is it suitable for your home?

The depth of the Bissell 2252 vacuum cleaner can be adjusted. Different kinds of tough tend to be on the thicker side of the spectrum. It is generally difficult to obtain the best clean when they dig much deeper. The Bissell thickness adjuster can assist you in getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner. Because of the swivel functionality, it also performs well in difficult-to-reach areas. You may also use different attachments to clean your stairs and corners. Its versatility makes it ideal for the majority of households.


Building materials

The Bissell 2252 is a low-cost vacuum cleaner that costs less than $100. At this price, you will not get a stainless steel body. The handle and other pieces of the vacuum cleaner will be made of plastic. When working with these materials, you must use extreme caution. If you want a vacuum cleaner with a substantial body and solid construction, this is not the one for you.

Simple to Maintain

When you have Bissell 2252 on your side, there isn’t much of a hassle. The filters are simple to maintain, and the installation process is simple. With the use of a screwdriver, you can open or adjust the vacuum to your liking. However, because the soil storage is limited, things are a little more difficult. As a result, you must clear the dirt out on a regular basis.

Anti-Allergy Protection

When you have allergies, air filters are critical for your vacuum cleaner. Without the filters, some of the pet hair will return to the air, making it difficult to even sweep. Don’t be alarmed; it generally applies to homes with a large number of pets. Unfortunately, the Bissell Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner 2252 lacks air filters; therefore, allergy sufferers should hunt for a premium vacuum cleaner with an air filter.

Final Decision

The Bissell Vacuum Cleaner 2252 has a lot of features that you will enjoy. This vacuum cleaner will be quite useful in homes with many rough and difficult-to-reach corners. You can also conduct the cleaning and installation yourself. You already know everything you need to know, and it is time to decide on this Bissell vacuum cleaner 2252 bargain. Thank you for reading this far, and please return for more.


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