What exactly is a commercial dishwasher sanitising solution?

When it comes to industrial dishwasher sanitising solutions, there are numerous well-known formulations. Sanitizer is important for removing the germs that accumulate within your dishwasher. Regular dishwasher sanitization helps to keep germs at bay and ensures that you get the most out of these kitchen machines.

Chemical sanitizers are not required for the work of all dishwashers. There are few alternative options for dishwasher sanitization. Below is a comprehensive description of the commercial dishwasher sanitising solution.

Why do dishwashers require commercial sanitizer?

Sanitizer is used to destroy bacteria that live within the dishwasher. Regular dishwasher sanitization promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, they are chemicals, and you should strive to avoid them as much as possible. Germs, as we all know, cannot survive in high temperatures.

People who have a dishwasher with a high-temperature setting can easily avoid using the commercial sanitising solution. Only the dishwasher that is set to a low temperature requires the use of a professional sanitizer.

What is the composition of commercial sanitising solutions?

There are numerous treatments and chemicals available for dishwasher sanitization. The user manual will also be customised depending on the chemical that you intend to employ. For commercial dishwasher sanitization solutions, it is preferable to follow the NSF/ANSI guidelines. Chlorine sanitising solution is the most commonly used recipe. According to the government guidelines, the water should have a ppm of 50 and a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to use an iodine solution, choose a temperature range of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and a ppm range of 12–25. The same temperature is required for ammonium sanitising solution, but the parts per million (ppm) ranges between 150 and 400. Sanitizing can be done in a dishwasher with a high-temperature setting and hot water. The more you work, the more you realise the importance of using a professional dishwasher sanitising solution to keep your household appliances germ-free.

How often should sanitization be performed?

Sanitation is an important function of your dishwasher. We spoke with a few professionals, and the majority of them advised us to sanitise the dishwasher at least once a month. This sanitization technique is required for dishwasher filters and drains.

If you are too busy, you can go at least once every two months. Before pouring the sanitising solution on the parts, remove the drain and filters. Allow it to soak for the prescribed amount of time before washing. After the sanitization procedure, you should notice improved cleanliness in your dishwasher.


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