PosterMyWall vs. Lucidpress – What graphic design to use?

Working on graphic designs requires a lot of brainstorming. And without the right tools, evolving ideas into graphics can be challenging. Graphic design software helps you create appealing images and makes your design stand out and catch the eye of the audience. Using graphic design software, you can create logos, flyers, banners, and marketing material for offline and social media marketing. 

However, it is not easy for every business to invest in a high-end graphic design tool. The workaround is using a graphic design tool that gets your job done without eating the finances. 

Given the lot of graphic design tools available, it’s cumbersome to decide which one to use. Thus, today we will compare two of the most renowned graphic design tools – PosterMyWall and Lucidpress, to help you make your decision. Read on and decide which graphic design to use for your business. 


Lucidpress, now known as Marq, is a graphic design and brand templating tool. It is intuitive and runs in a browser. It has pre-designed templates and stock pictures for beginners. This makes it an excellent choice for non-designers and beginners. 

Lucidpress is good for both print and digital designs. It is a platform that empowers non-designers to create and distribute marketing collateral. This graphic design tool allows you to design content, such as marketing materials and branding assets, without going off-brand. You can also import existing designs from your computer or other platforms. Unlike many other design tools, Lucidpress also supports multi-page documents. Moreover, it offers email and chat support to solve all of its customers’ queries. 

One key feature of this software is that it helps maintain brand consistency through lockable templates. You can lock down brand assets while allowing other users to make customizations and small changes. This makes teamwork and collaboration with your teams very easy. This will, therefore, let you ease off the workload of your team and say goodbye to rogue branding. 

Although Lucidpress is a browser-based platform, it is trusted by over 8 million users worldwide. The skill level is beginner which makes it a widely used graphic design tool. The basic plan is free, with purchasable plans at $5.95/month and $12.95/mo. Its robust feature is enough for casual users, but professional designers will likely stick to the paid plan. 


PosterMyWall is a graphic design tool that lets you create social media graphics and videos using ready-made customizable templates. The best part; you do not need any graphic design skills to use this tool. It allows you to create stunning promotional material in minutes by customizing templates for flyers, posters, social media posts, etc. The initial plan on the software is free, with an option to upgrade at $9.95 per month. To assist its users, PosterMyWall offers email and phone support. 

PosterMyWall lets you publish your creations and schedule posts directly on social media platforms. It has an editing dashboard that allows you to create flyers, posters, email newsletters, and other marketing material all in one place. From there, you can export your designs directly to social media, or save and schedule them for later use. 

With PosterMyWall, it is so easy to collaborate with teammates and share folders, designs, and digital assets. Your team can simultaneously work in a shared and dedicated workspace. You can also share designs with your clients without making them part of your PosterMyWall workspace. Moreover, you can set up access control rights to determine who can access the assets and designs. The feature is seamless which makes it one of the best features of the software. Not only this, PosterMyWall also offers free classroom accounts option for schools. 

Although PosterMyWall is very easy to use, it still uses YouTube tutorials to familiarize the user with the tool. It shares its special features, as well as simple and effective ways to design your graphics. It also has a blog on its website that provides tips and tricks for all types of graphic designing on PosterMyWall. 

PosterMyWall vs Lucidpress 

When comparing the two tools, reviewers found PosterMyWall better. Creating graphics for a business can be expensive. However, PosterMyWall offers its services at a more affordable price. It makes the process very simple and can be mastered with just practice. Reviewers prefer using PosterMyWall for three main reasons:

  • They feel that PosterMyWall meets the needs of a business better than Lucidpress.
  • The quality of ongoing product support is better at PosterMyWall. 
  • Reviewers prefer the direction of PosterMyWall for feature updates and roadmaps.

Although the free plan of PosterMyWall is very limited. And paid subscriptions can be expensive based on the number of graphics. But the multiple project possibilities including posters, flyers, email newsletters, and video templates give PosterMyWall an upper hand as a graphic design tool

To find your ideal graphic design software, you need trustable information – so you can save time, stay on budget, and focus on your design. That is why, we recommend you to use PosterMyWall, as it will fulfill all your graphic designing needs. 

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