How can I connect the washer and dryer without a hose?

Time required: 1-2 hours (only for the experts)

Materials include plugging wires, a water hose, dryer exhaust, and installation hardware.

You may adore your apartment, but it is possible that it does not provide all of the amenities that you desire. A connection is one of the most common elements that is frequently lacking in flats.
Installing hookups, on the other hand, is highly expensive. So, I’m here with a solution that will save you a lot of money.

Check out how to hook up the washer and dryer in an apartment without a hookup.

Step 1: Label the distance as well as the breaker box.

You may have a specific location in mind for your washer and dryer combo. Find the location and the apartment’s breaker box at the same time.The majority of the circuit is powered by 240 volts, but you should double-check the panel labelling on the breaker box to make sure.

Step 2: Connecting the Dots

Remove the plugging wires to have access to the green, white, and black wires. Half an inch of cut is more than sufficient. Only the white wire will be able to pass through the silver wire. Don’t plug it in yet because it isn’t yet ready to use. Remove the back of the washer and dryer combo. Connect the black and green wires to the dryer’s two power cords. You must be cautious while doing this work, and you cannot connect the other ends. Otherwise, you may have some discomfort.

Step 3: Connect the water hose and the dryer exhaust.

A water connection is required for a washer and dryer combo to function. A water pipe with a half-inch diameter is required. Make the hot water connection to your washer using the first hose. Cold water requires a similar design of water hose to function. Connect the caps to both connections and check for leaks. Otherwise, it may not function properly according to your specifications. Get a dryer exhaust that can reach your windows and evacuate all of the heat, lint, and moisture from your home.

Step 4: Attach it to the faucet.

After the wash, the water must drain and the bacteria must enter to do their work. For that, you must connect it to a faucet. Your temporary connection is complete, and it is time to take a test. If you are having difficulty with the work, you should consult an expert.


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