Review of the Top 10 Kimchi Containers

Kimchi is quite popular all across the world. It is extremely unlikely that anyone would object to eating kimchi for dinner. However, kimchi cooking incidents are common. It frequently stinks, and the source could be your storage facility. To solve the problem, all you need is the best Kimchi container.

Still, finding the correct container when you need it is a difficult task. So, to relieve some of your shoulder pain, we’ve compiled the best kimchi container list for your needs. We examined them objectively, regardless of their odds and evens.

In addition, we have included purchase advice and some commonly asked questions about the subject. After knowing them all, I am confident you will not be disappointed. Hover over them to learn more about them.

How did we decide on our product?

We always make a list of products and begin researching them. Many people leave after the research and are measured in a smaller group. There, we expanded our team to conduct in-depth studies on each product. They spend about three to four hours in each one.
They also interact with regular users and specialists. Only ten out of many pave the way to being included on the finest list. All of the information gathered is given to a writer like me. Then we sit down and perform our word magic.


Review of the Best Kimchi Container

Every specific product’s genuine term will be mentioned here. The trait that has allowed them to be the market leader, as well as an unmentioned limitation, will be mentioned. Learn about the finest containers for your all-season kimchi storage or fermentation.
Sauerkraut Fermentation Crock by Humble House with Glazed Weights and Cabbage Tamper
Humble House Sauerkrock Fermentation Crock has created a water-sealed premium kimchi jar in the German tradition. This crock will satisfy your need to go classic in this current age. The jar measures 10 inches across and 12 inches long.

If you have a family of 2-4 people, this Sauerkraut will suffice. If you have a larger family, you should consider the double-buy option. Two glazed heavy ceramic cauldrons and a solid wood cauldron are included in the package.

The airtight construction ensures dust and grime protection. The lead and cadmium-free guarantee alleviates the need for cleaning. The lightweight design makes it easier to lift the jars when necessary.


  • The kimchi container facilitates the fermenting process;
  • It provides variety according to your desire;
  • It is safe and sturdy for longer usage.
  • The rich flavour and taste of your kimchi remain intact for a long time.


  • High maintenance is required; otherwise, bacteria can grow.


Sauerrock’s Humble Residence A 1.3-gallon container is an ideal size to have on hand. It offers a simple cleaning technique for your convenience. Even for routine cleaning, you won’t have too much trouble. Follow the directions carefully, and enjoy your fresh kimchi all year.


5 liter and 10-pound Kenley Fermentation Crock

When it comes to the best kimchi container, Kenley is one of the best names in the market. It contains all of the wings you could possibly require to keep your nutritious kimchi. A curving design hole may be found on the lid. It also meets a critical storage function criterion.
The design is intended to isolate the gases while allowing no air to enter. Based on this, you can confidently predict that it will properly retain the flavour and taste of the kimchi for an extended period of time.

The body coating is made of high-grade ceramic, which makes it food-safe.
Kimchi storage capacity of 5 litters, with more than 3.5 litters of vegetable margins on the way. Every part you get your hands on is manufactured entirely of natural materials. As a result, there is no mobile possibility of artificial flavour in your food after storage.


  • The jar’s lid is designed to keep new kimchi fresh.
  • The 1.3-gallon jar keeps your kimchi ready to eat for a long time.
  • It is rewarding to have oxidation and bad taste prevention on your jar.
  • Touch display with no additives for many years


  • Because Kinley does not offer lids separately, use with caution.


The quality that you will receive from Kinley Fermentation Crock will astound you. Just don’t fling things around instead of using them safely. Lids cannot be replaced, but don’t worry because they are of high quality.


5 liter (1.3 gallon) Seeutek Fermentation Crock Jar

Seeutek is an excellent brand to consider for your crock needs. It will be remembered as a great value for your kimchi storage. Aside from kimchi, you may also store pickles, vegetables, kombucha, and other foods.

Act in a classic manner while still having all the enjoyment of the present period. If you want to enjoy flavorful kimchi all year, you should carefully consider purchasing a jar. The interior and surface body is made of hard ceramic materials.

When it comes to cleaning, the lead- and cadmium-free functionality makes it a preferable choice. The design’s appearance is also intended to require less upkeep. Hand washing is always recommended by experts for this type of fabric.


  • The kimchi storage allows for improved gas release while being airtight.
  • It meets your demand for an easy-to-clean kimchi container.
  • Its durable build quality makes it an excellent choice for any home. It is ideal for enjoying the year-round flavour of seasonal vegetable kimchi.


  • Because of the shallow form of the trough, you must frequently replenish it.


I am confident that the Seeutek Fermentation Crock is an excellent solution for any home. You can discuss the refill issue with other family members. Face it as a group, and things will get easier.


1 Gallon Glass Jar with Plastic Airtight Lid, Muslin Cloth, and Rubber Band, 2 Pack

We’ll be discussing two one-gallon glass jars with an airtight lid. The bundle also contains seven rubber bands and two 12 by 12-inch muslin linen sheets. The lids will not rust because they are not constructed of steel metal like the others.

It may meet all of your fermentation needs while also keeping bugs out of your kimchi. If you are new to kimchi storage, it can be enjoyable to use as a novice. It can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so pour your hot kimchi with confidence.

This course will save you the chilling time that you frequently require in other containers and let you enjoy the optimum brew, ferment, or storage facility at any time. Extra seals are available for replacement, as well as leak-proof protection for your lids.


  • The jar is easy to clean and has no corrosion build-up.
  • It is a certified food-safe kimchi jar.
  • The jar’s sturdy build quality is the answer to your extended period of service questions.
  • The double pack gives a clear view.


  • Each jar takes up less space than the others on the list.


2 packs of 1 gallon kimchi premium storage can pay you handsomely. Although there is less space in each, storing multiple flavours of kimchi in a two-pack is important. Nonetheless, you are receiving them at a reasonable price.


E-Jen Premium Kimchi and Sauerkraut Fermentation Container with Inner Vacuum Lid

E-Jen has arrived with their best storage jar for kimchi and pickled vegetables. The jar’s organisation is simple, making it easy to use. Ancient Koreans and modern technology are collaborating to keep your kimchi tasty for a long time.

The product is perfect for storage and fermentation due to its high-quality polypropylene plastic construction. The design includes an inner pressing plate that can be changed to manage the amount of air that enters the system. These elements are critical for lactobacillus growth within the jar.

The number two on the lid is intended to provide twofold odour prevention. You can make the pot your constant buddy to keep your kimchi smelling fresh. Furthermore, the storage is dishwasher-safe.


  • All of the materials used in the construction are BPA-, DEHP-, and lead-free.
  • E-Jen is dishwasher and freezer safe, and it will keep your kimchi healthy without much effort.
  • Enjoy classic storage methods with current technology.


  • Kimchi tastes delicious, but the scent develops over time.


You may put your trust in E-Jen’s storage for kimchi, and it will last longer. By adding some new, fresh greens, you can solve the smell problem. I hope it does not offend your taste buds.


The Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit simplifies fermentation in jars rather than slow cookers!

You have arrived at the best kimchi container hub with easy storage jars. It is designed to be airtight to keep stuff in while also keeping gases out. The exchange will allow you to replenish stored food.

Its leaf-proof gasket is made of the most durable and thick plastic available. The quality cannot be compared to any other product in the same price range. Outgoing manual use will be simplified because the package includes extensive e-books and video guides.

It also includes a built-in date settler to help you keep track of the tasting cycle. You might be intrigued if you learn that the bundle includes an oxygen extractor. The lightweight design makes it simple to move and store kimchi.


  • Use the date tracker to schedule your storage time frame.
  • The storage includes an extractor pump in the package.
  • An easy release tab is available for jammed lid issues.
  • User instruction guidelines are attached for easy follow-up.


  • Using a dishwasher is not suggested.


If you’re looking for a high-quality kimchi container, I strongly suggest you consider this one. It should not be a problem if they are not dishwasher-safe. It’s simple to get your hands dirty, and it doesn’t take an eternity to clean.


Crazy Korean Food Fermentation and Storage Container for Sauerkraut, 1.6 gallon (6.4 liters)

In just a few years of operation, Crazy Korean Cooking has become the name of American households for kimchi storage leaders. The sandy brown appearance of the container appears to be an upgrade to your life. The ancient Onggi storage concept was employed here.
It works well with the modern method of storing kimchi to keep it fresh for a long time. Adjust the inner vacuum lid as needed to profit from avoiding rapid breakdown.
To customise a nice product for you, most high-quality polypropylene plastic settles at 1/10th the density of natural clay.


  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • It helps preserve the smell of your kimchi.
  • It can withstand temperatures of up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is constructed of FDA-approved materials.


  • It is somewhat pricey.


Crazy Korean Cooking doubles the quality of kimchi for you to enjoy. When looking for the best, price should not be a consideration. Determine the need and contact the appropriate person.


Crazy Korean Food Fermentation and Storage Container for Sauerkraut, 2.2 gallon (8.5 L)

This is the older brother of the previous Crazy Korean Cooking recipe.The size is nearly twice that and is suitable for a large household. If you live in a joint family and enjoy kimchi, you can purchase it for yourself.

The combination of high-grade plastic and natural substances results in a high-quality product. Even with regular exercise, it will last a long time without compromising the flavour of your fermented meals.

The interior part is specifically developed to defeat the decomposition process and provide you with fresh kimchi on demand. If you make it a practice to consume kimchi on a regular basis, you will have an exciting experience.


  • Crazy Korean Cooking uses long-lasting materials in its construction.
  • It is supposed to keep food fresher for extended periods of time.
  • The container is strong enough to go in the microwave without lids.


  • Ineffective at keeping odours out.


As kimchi storage goes, Crazy Korean Cooking has no shortage of quality. Regular cleaning, which is also not difficult, can help to eliminate odours.


1 Gallon Mason Jar, Glass Jar, 2 Pack, Designed by Kitchentoolz

Kitchentoolz is thought to control a sizable portion of the kimchi storage business. They won because of their best-sized kimchi container for two people. Any form of food can be pickled, stored, and canned in this mason jar.

The plastic lid foam sells well because of its simple twist operation and is entirely manufactured in the United States. This one will suit your desire for a dishwasher-safe container. Because they are nearly identical to normal jars, you may also use them for dry food storage if necessary.
BPA-free protection has been used to offer building security. Metal’s dominance on lids may be ending as plastic leads are more corrosion-resistant. Each pack measures 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. Include it in your order list if you believe it is the best option.


  • The container’s airtight design is composed of white polypropylene;
  • Its simple operation makes it competitive in the market;
  • It features a robust and durable wall to keep items safe.


  • Leakage can occur through careless use.


It is acceptable to call it one of the best kimchi containers. You only need to be a little cautious when using it to avoid any leakage difficulties.


Stainless Steel 101 oz (3 L) Rectangular Seal Kimchi Food Storage Container Saver

Our next product is a stainless steel kimchi storage container that will last for a long time. Its airtight construction and leak-proof functionality make it an excellent choice for a rectangular kimchi container. Food will not become stuck, making the cleaning process easier.
There is no use of ground plastic, which helps the environment. The sturdy lid effectively removes the container’s foul smell. Overall, the eco-friendly kimchi storage product reveals itself to be your best partner as a secure kimchi container.


  • The stainless steel body of the kimchi storage is silicon-sealed, so there is no seepage of the kimchi fragrance.
  • The container’s maintenance is simple.


  • A thin wall allows heat to escape more easily.


There is no doubt that rectangular kimchi containers perform admirably. I recommend using it for room-temperature items because heat quickly escapes from the container.


A Buying Guide for the Best Kimchi Container

You’ve previously seen some of the most creative kimchi containers. It’s time to make a decision, but you’ll need some guidance to make the best choice. Take your time and learn more about what you really need.

Quality Construction

No one wants to get their hands on the stuff for a limited period. To ensure this point, choose a high-quality kimchi fermentation container with a solid build. The most prevalent names here are durable, high-quality plastic, stainless steel, and plastic. Keep a long distance from low-quality containers.

Easy to Maintain

You should use a dishwasher-safe kimchi container if you want easy upkeep. A hand-washing container is also useful if you can easily reach the bottom. Above all things, quality should always come first.

Technology and design

The majority of the kimchi containers discussed here blend ancient traditional ways with modern technology. They are recognised for always creating a better anaerobic environment and healthier meals. A unique lid design is preferred to allow gas to escape while keeping the container airtight.

Container Dimensions

Kimchi containers are typically good for 2-4 people.If you require more, consider placing a second order. There are also larger alternatives on the market. It all depends on what you want out of your best kimchi fermentation container.


Questions and Answers

Is it possible to preserve kimchi in a plastic container?

The most widely used material for kimchi containers is plastic. It can be used to preserve kimchi, but it is preferable if it is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting plastic. It will work better for preserving kimchi or any other food.

What is the best method for storing kimchi?

Answer: Try immersing all of the components in brine. Make sure there is no air inside and that the lids are airtight. Nonetheless, there must be some space for gases to escape. Make sure to also minimise the opening.

What’s the deal with my sour kimchi?

Answer: Kimchi requires excellent bacterial growth to smell pleasant. There must be an anaerobic condition inside the container, or else foul odours will begin to grow. As a result, it could be the source of your kimchi’s foul smell.

How long should kimchi ferment at room temperature?

At room temperature, the fermentation of kimchi takes a long time. For high-quality kimchi to be served, the operation can last up to 1-2 days. In the event of fermenting kimchi in the refrigerator, you may want to give it a longer time frame.

How do I get rid of the kimchi smell?

You must prepare a solution of water and baking soda. Allow the solution to soak up the current source of the stench. You’ll be able to get rid of the unpleasant kimchi odour in no time.

How can you get kimchi stains out of your clothes?

Strong kimchi stains can be removed using household detergent or vinegar. However, if the stains are smaller and not as strong, onions can also help.


Last Words

When you have a plethora of best containers for kimchi options at your disposal, things become more difficult. It appears difficult to hit the right one. Well, I am confident that by devoting more time to research, you will be able to obtain what you require.

If you ask me, I recommend the Crazy Korean Cooking kimchi container. Please do not be upset if you are a fan of another brand. Choose the best bargain and taste delicious kimchi with every bite. We frequently bring fresh information, so remember to weave it back into our nest.
The best kimchi container contributes to greater efficiency in your storage and fermentation functions. However, measuring the best quality of the container is difficult for virtually everyone. You can make use of our resources for this purpose.


Md Belal Uddin

I am an experienced product reviewer with a passion for sharing my knowledge and insights about various products. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to providing honest and unbiased reviews, I strive to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. I believe in the power of research and firsthand experience to provide valuable information to readers.

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